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Spirituality Sunday Series (3.7.2021)

"Be Still and Know"

This a short quote with a strong meaning!

Often we search tirelessly wanting to know: what tomorrow will bring; what our purpose is; why we are feeling this way; how to meet our health goals; how to get a promotion; how to raise our kids; how to be happy and less depressed; what is the right thing to do in a challenging situation; etc. We are constantly wanting more; worrying excessively; and searching tirelessly...

One #spiritualsunday tip for you is to consider using your soul as your compass to live your healthiest; happiest; truest; and most beautiful life.

When you are feeling lost; hopeless; or anxious, rather than excessively worrying, consider being “still” and present in that moment. Then turn to your soul to guide you through next steps, because within you is where you can find your purpose and truest self. When we are present, that is when we hear God’s voice within us telling us what to do next. Often we look for validation from others, but in reality they will not know these answers, because they are not you. Since we were made in His image, we need to look within and turn to Him for the answers we are all so tirelessly searching to find.

We all are unique; beautiful; and were put on this earth with a purpose, so trust your soul, and “Be Still and Know”.

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