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Spirituality Sunday Series (2.14.2021)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

In continuation of my Spirituality Sunday Series, here are a few spiritual takeaways from this week. I hope you find some value in these to support you with nurturing your own spiritual health!

"The Craving Mind" by Judson Brewer:

(Pages 159-161) "What does it feel like when we are generous? It feels good, an open, joyful state. Practicing generosity may help us learn what it feels like to let go. We are literally letting go when we give someone a gift. Not all generosity is equal. What happens when we give a gift and expect something in return? Does it feel joyful to donate a large sum of money with the expectation of receiving some type of recognition? What kind of satisfaction do we get when we hold the door for our boss or date with the intention of impressing him or her?....When we selflessly give, we don't have to worry about buyer's remorse, because we aren't buying anything. The intrinsic reward leaves us feeling gratified and lays down a memory that prompts us to do the same thing the next time. Plenty of scientific studies have shown the health and wellness benefits of generosity.

This was a friendly reminder of how powerful it is to give selflessly. Generosity doesn't always have to be a large sum of money. It can be simply asking someone "how are you doing?"; smiling and waving at someone as they walk by; praying for someone in need; helping someone carry their groceries; folding your spouses laundry; cooking your family a dinner they requested; helping out with a chore that is not assigned to you; affirming a colleague; telling your kids you're proud of them; etc. When we practice generosity selflessly it is going to bring us much more joy and satisfaction than if we are doing it selfishly. For example, if you help a family member out with a chore assigned to them and you expect a thank you, it's going to most likely leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed if you don't receive it. However, if you do their chore not expecting this, it is going to feel so fulfilling whether they thank you or not. This week I encourage you to consider trying to give selflessly, and after you do it reflect on how it makes you feel compared to when you do it selfishly.

"Jesus Calling" Daily Devotional by Sarah Young:

(Page 47) "Give yourself fully to the adventure of today. Walk boldly along the path of life, relying on your ever-present Companion. You have every reason to be confident because My Presence accompanies you all the days of your life, and onward into eternity. Do not give into fear or worry, those robbers of abundant living. Trust Me enough to face problems as they come, rather than trying to anticipate them. Fix your eyes on me, the Author and Perfecter of your faith, and many difficulties on the road ahead will vanish before you reach them. Whenever you start to feel afraid, remember that I am holding you by your right hand. Nothing can separate you from my Presence!

Raise your hand if you are someone that tends to worry about what tomorrow or the future will bring? I'm sure many of us can relate to this in one way or another, whether it's worry and stress about things at work; your family; your health; the pandemic; the winter storm coming; etc. This was a reminder to be present in today's adventure, and if we do face challenges we are never alone. If we are constantly worrying, we are going to miss those miracles of every day life such as: quality time with our family; living and breathing; laughter; etc. Only God knows what our future holds, so we should be turning to him rather than worrying. Next time you find yourself not present in the moment and worrying about tomorrow, consider turning to him and reflecting on all that you have right here and now.

Bad A** Affirmations by Becca Anderson:

page (82)

I am beautiful on the inside and outside.
I am comfortable with myself.
I think positively.

Daily affirmations can be a tremendous support to our health and wellness. This specific affirmation taps into our self love and feeling beautiful in our skin, which is so important! Beauty is not about being perfect; having a certain body type; having a certain skin tone or eye color; etc., it's about staying true to yourself and appreciating what you see in the mirror. Remember, we are all made in HIS image, therefore we are all beautiful. Now there is nothing wrong with exercising more or eating healthier, and actually this can be a great way to practice self love if we have the right intentions. This week I encourage you to consider saying this affirmation daily to yourself, and reflect on or journal how it makes you feel.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy and healthy week!

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