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Spirituality Sunday Series (2.14.2021)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

In continuation of my Spirituality Sunday Series, here are a few spiritual takeaways from this week. I hope you find some value in these to support you with nurturing your own spiritual health!

"The Craving Mind" by Judson Brewer:

(Pages 159-161) "What does it feel like when we are generous? It feels good, an open, joyful state. Practicing generosity may help us learn what it feels like to let go. We are literally letting go when we give someone a gift. Not all generosity is equal. What happens when we give a gift and expect something in return? Does it feel joyful to donate a large sum of money with the expectation of receiving some type of recognition? What kind of satisfaction do we get when we hold the door for our boss or date with the intention of impressing him or her?....When we selflessly give, we don't have to worry about buyer's remorse, because we aren't buying anything. The intrinsic reward leaves us feeling gratified and lays down a memory that prompts us to do the same thing the next time. Plenty of scientific studies have shown the health and wellness benefits of generosity.

This was a friendly reminder of how powerful it is to give selflessly. Generosity doesn't always have to be a large sum of money. It can be simply asking someone "how are you doing?"; smiling and waving at someone as they walk by; praying for someone in need; helping someone carry their groceries; folding your spouses laundry; cooking your family a dinner they requested; helping out wit