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Spirituality Sunday Series

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

In continuation of my "Spirituality Sunday Series" this week, I wanted to share a spiritual journal activity with you. I've been doing this daily for about a month now, and I have found it very beneficial for my spiritual and mental health, so my hope is that you can also find some value from it. You might recognize this as the "Prayer Process". I actually posted this prayer practice last year, and just recently I thought why not journal this process? Journaling has a variety of health benefits, and one of my favorite things about it is that you can go back and reflect on what you wrote. This reflection time and adding to the journal daily, can encourage us to carve out more time to nurture our spirituality. Now, let's talk about how to implement this spiritual journal activity.

Prayer Process:

First off, let's review the "Prayer Process". This might be a refresher or something completely new to you. Either way, having a friendly reminder or educating yourself on this powerful prayer process could be beneficial for your spiritual health. Simply just talk to God about the items below.