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Self-Care Sunday

Sunday is not called the “day of rest” for nothing! Our society tends to always be on the go leaving little to no time to be present. Too often we tend to be thinking about what all we need to accomplish and worrying about what tomorrow will bring. I do not know about you, but this tends to cause me some anxiety and most definitely some “Sunday Scaries”. Every now and then it is important to give ourselves some grace and be okay with actually relaxing and “doing nothing”. Research shows that being more present in the moment can be very beneficial for our mental and emotional health. It is most definitely easier said than done for me personally, but for those moments when I am truly present I find that my anxiety comes down; I am more grateful for what I have; and I am overall enjoying life more. Now I am going to be honest, I woke up this morning with some Sunday Scaries, and that is why I decided it is time to have a “Self-Care Sunday”. If you are interested in incorporating a little more self-care into your life, below you will find some ideas to hopefully support you. I hope you find these valuable and have a healthy and wonderful Sunday!

Self-Care Sunday Ideas:

· Gratitude Journal

· Daily Devotional

· Prayer

· Meditation

· Deep breathing

· Get some extra sleep

· Take some time to actually enjoy your morning coffee or tea

· Hydrate

· Take a hot bubble bath

· Do a face mask

· Get your nails done or set up your own nail salon at home

· Get a massage

· Read

· Cuddle with your pet and/or significant other

· Watch your favorite show or “feel good” movie (aka “Undoing” on HBO and “The Holiday are my favs right now)

· Move your body (On Sunday I love doing long walks with my pup; yoga; and watching my favorite show on the elliptical)

· Spend some good quality time with your family and friends

· Call a loved one

· Eat some healthy nutritious foods

· Get healthy groceries and have some fun cooking and getting creative in the kitchen

· Do a date night in

· Get outside and get some fresh air

· Treat yourself (I am treating myself to a matcha latte at my favorite coffee shop by my house while my pup is treating herself to a pup cup; I will also be treating myself to a little wine tonight)

· Look at pictures and reflect on those fun memories

· Plan your dream vacation

· Make a vision board

· Do daily affirmations (write down and reflect on your strengths; things you love about yourself; what you are proud of; etc.)

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