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Motivation Monday (Leveraging Strengths)

Happy first Monday of the new year! Who is ready to start this week out strong?

One Motivational Monday tip for you to consider this week is to leverage your strengths to meet your goals. For many of us we tend to be our own worst critics. Too often we dwell on our weaknesses and beat ourselves up over them. We are all human so we will always have areas of opportunity, however we all have strengths too. Honing in on your weaknesses is not going to get you anywhere, but identifying and using our strengths to apply to our health goals can be the key to success.

Here is a practice to consider trying to support you with leveraging your strengths:

  1. Reflect on what your strengths are by looking at all aspects of your life. Some examples might include: being a loving parent; using time management to meet deadlines for work; being prompt; being organized; being a hard worker at your job; being creative; etc.

  2. Write down these strengths, and put “I am” before it to make it more of an affirmation. For example if your strength is being a loving parent you could note “I am loving”. Practicing loving kindness can really support our motivation.

  3. Reflect on how you can use this strength to support you with your health goals. For example if ”you are loving“ you could use this strength to love your own body and health a little more. Having more self love and looking at your body as a temple versus tearing it down might motivate you to eat healthier; exercise more; give yourself some grace to take some more me time to better manage stress; etc.

  4. Write down one small realistic thing you can do to leverage this strength. Some examples include: doing daily affirmations; using your calendar like you do at work to support you with time management for exercise; prioritizing your health like you do your work; etc.

  5. Reflect on your strengths you wrote down often to support your motivation especially during those more challenging times.

I hope you find this practice valuable. If you have any questions or need additional support identifying and leveraging your strengths please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for stopping by! Let’s make it a strong start to the week!

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