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Lower Body Workout

Here is one of my go to lower body workouts I do weekly. Often I will add 20-40 pounds for the standing moves and resistance bands for the moves on the floor to build a little more strength. I also like to pair it with 30 minutes of cardio (typically the elliptical; the stationary bike; or a walk outside); and watch a movie or a show while I'm doing it. You know your body best and what goals you are trying to achieve, so I encourage you to go at your own pace. You can keep it as body weight exercises as seen in the video; add heavier or lighter weights/resistance bands; modify some moves; add some jumping jacks or high knees in between moves to get your heart rate up;or do more of less repetitions. This is your workout, so I encourage you find what works best for you!

Lower Body Workout (Repeat circuit 3xs):

Move 1: Squats

  • 15 squats

  • 15 squat pulses