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Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Tips

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend! Typically this game involves a lot of fun and food and drinks like pizza, wings, chips, dips, beer, etc. We might think that these don't align with our health goals, but believe it or not, we can still enjoy all of these without sabotaging our progress. Just read below for some healthy tips to support you with having fun and remaining fit this Super Bowl Sunday!

  • Eat a nutritious meal or snack before the festivities begin

  • Get some movement in before the game

  • Put out some healthy snacks such as:

    • veggies

    • fresh or dried fruit

    • nuts

    • roasted chickpeas

  • Read the labels: When grocery shopping for your Super Bowl Sunday party, consider reading the labels, and looking for products with minimal and wholesome ingredients.

  • Choose healthier dips such as:

    • hummus

    • salsa

    • guacamole

    • tzatziki

    • Simple Truth, Primal Kitchen, and Siete brands make some delicious and healthy dips including: plant based ranch, spinach dip, vegan queso, Buffalo cauliflower, etc.

  • Buy some healthier chips and crackers:

    • kale chips

    • wholesome crackers (I personally love Mary's Gone Crackers)

    • baked chips with minimal and natural ingredients ( I personally like "Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips", "Siete Tortilla Chips", Baked whole wheat pita chips)

  • Practice portion control

  • Have some celery and carrot sticks with your wings

  • Hydrate- if you are consuming alcohol, consider drinking a glass of water in between each drink

  • Choose lighter options if you are consuming alcohol. For example: A seltzer versus a Budwesier

  • Have healthier options available to satisfy that sweet tooth such as:

    • dark chocolate blueberries or almonds

    • chocolate chip oatmeal energy balls

    • Medjool date + nut butter + cocoa nibs

    • Yogurt parfait (I like doing non fat plain Greek yogurt, and adding a little stevia, Purely Elizabeth granola, and berries)

    • Banana ice cream (blend frozen banana, and then store it in an airtight container the night before the game)

  • Enjoy this quality time with friends and family, and if you do overindulge don’t stress! Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track, and one fun Super Bowl Sunday is not going to make or break your health goals! Remember, mental/emotional health is just as important as your physical heath, and sometimes having this social time could be just what you need!

  • Stand up and move more. Examples include: walk in place during the commercials, do a family challenge where everyone has to do a certain exercise move during each commercial, dance with your kids during the half time show, etc.

Have a healthy and happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!

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