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Individuals often set exercise goals, because they feel like they "have to" or "need to" exercise, which can make it feel more like a chore or even a burden. However, our bodies were created to move, so it should not have to feel this way! The health benefits (both physical and mental) that come from moving our bodies, tell us it is something we are created to do. We just need to listen and reconnect with our mind and body, and find the best fit for us. Society tells us we need to lift heavy; run marathons; exercise intensively every day; etc. to see the results, but this is not necessarily true. Any movement is beneficial to the body, and if we can find a way to truly enjoy moving our body, we are going to be more consistent, which in return is going to support the long term health benefits we all strive for.

Here are some strategies to consider to hopefully support you with bringing some enjoyment back to physical activity:

  • Watch your favorite TV show while exercising

  • Listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while working out

  • Read a book on the stationary bike

  • Mix it up

  • Take an exercise class

  • Learn a new dance with your significant other

  • Go on a gratitude walk

  • Go on a hike with one of your friends

  • Workout with your kids (do “airplane; toss them up down to make them laugh; put them on your back while you do a plank or pushup; etc.)

  • Play a fun game with your family such as tag or just dance

  • Wear your favorite workout outfit

  • Add a little friendly competition such as a 10K step challenge with your coworkers

  • Learn a new Tik Tok dance

  • Go on a bike ride with your family

  • Go on a walk with your dog and/or friend

  • Have a hula hoop challenge

  • Play a sport with your friends and family such as kickball; basketball; soccer; etc.

  • Push your kid on the swing

  • Jump on the trampoline

  • Go horseback riding

  • Have a pool day with your family and swim around and play games

  • Do an exercise you truly enjoy

  • Use a push cart versus a golf cart while golfing

  • Try some yoga or Pilates to reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit

  • View exercise as a reward versus a punishment

  • Reflect on how you feel after you workout. Do you feel more energized? Happier? Stronger? Proud?

  • Journal your exercise for a sense of accomplishment

  • Reflect on why exercise is truly important to you

  • Envision what your life would be like if you did continue to move your body more

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you find these tips valuable, and have a happy and healthy Friday!

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