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Avocado is most definitely a trendy food right now, and this is to no surprise due to their delicious taste and the health benefits they provide including:

  • They are packed with nutrients including: potassium; folate; Vitamins: K; C; B5; B6; and E

  • They contain heart- healthy monounsaturated fatty acids

  • They contain more potassium than a banana

  • They can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

  • They are packed with fiber

  • They can increase your HDL (good cholesterol)

  • They can support with weight management

  • They can decrease your risk of diabetes

  • Their healthy fats may help to absorb other nutrients in plant foods

  • They contain antioxidants that can support eye health

  • They may help with arthritis symptoms

  • They support healthy skin

  • They support digestion and can lessen bloating

  • They can support a healthy pregnancy and baby

  • They may prevent certain cancers

As you can see there are an abundant reasons to eat avocadoes, and the great thing is they are very versatile and easy to sneak into your diet. Here are some ideas to incorporate more avocado into your eating habits:

  • Put it in your smoothies (This thickens your smoothie and gives it that creamy texture)

  • Top your salads with it

  • Put it on your favorite healthy toast (I prefer Ezekiel bread for my avocado toast)

  • Use it as a topping or spread on your favorite sandwich

  • Top an omelet/scramble with it

  • Add it to your sushi

  • Spread it on your favorite healthy cracker (My favorite is Mary's Gone Crackers)

  • Make some guacamole

  • Add it to a fruit salad

  • Make an avocado salsa (aka mix avocado; fresh tomatoes; cilantro; and balsamic or dressing of your choice)

  • Top your protein with it

  • Use it as a butter substitute when baking to create a healthier dessert

  • Grill it (I often cut an avocado in half and place it on the grill, and then top it with salsa)

  • Bake it in the oven with an egg in it

  • Make avocado pesto zoodles (aka blend an avocado; lemon juice; basil; garlic; and cashew nuts, and put it on zucchini noodles)

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