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Getting Back on Track

Thanksgiving was yesterday, and let’s be honest for a lot of us this holiday comes with ”overindulgence”. If you feel like you “splurged” a little too much yesterday, that is completely OKAY, and I promise you are not the only one! This day only comes once per year, and just one day is not going to prevent you from reaching your health goals! What really matters now is getting back on track with your healthy routine. The great thing is today is a new day, and it's a FRESH and CLEAN start to make some healthier choices. Below you will find some tips to support you with this fresh/clean start. I hope you find these helpful, and just remember you've got this!

Tips for getting back on track post Holidays:

  • Look forward versus backward: A lot of us tend to beat ourselves up when we fall off track with our healthy routines, but dwelling on the past is not going to get you anywhere. Consider giving yourself some grace, and take advantage of this new day to get back to your routine.

  • Reflect on what you learned: This can be a very helpful tool for when this challenge arises in the future. For example: consider asking yourself “what did I learn that maybe I can do differently next time?”

  • Reflect on your “why” or motivation: Consider asking yourself “why did I want to work towards this goal in the first place?”... If you have a strong purpose behind what you are doing you are most likely going to be more inclined to get back on track.

  • Explore support and accountability: Consider reflecting on what was holding you accountable while you were on track with your routine, and then lean on that accountability resource or determine what additional support you might need.

  • Ditch the leftovers: Consider sending leftovers with some of your guests, or even dropping them off at a homeless shelter. This will help with getting some temptations out of the house, and can support your emotional health since you will be doing something good for others in need.

  • Hydrate: This is a great way to flush out some of those toxins from yesterday; reduce bloating; and improve digestion, energy, and mental clarity.

  • Eat nutrient dense foods: This will help balance out what you ate yesterday, and give you the energy you need to get back on track.

  • Get moving: This will help with burning off some of those excess calories from the day before. If you overindulged a little too much you might not be feeling well enough to do your typical exercise routine, and again that’s okay! Any movement is better than none, so even a light walk; yoga; or some stretching will still be beneficial.

  • Practice self care: This can support you with having a more positive mindset which can help you with getting back on track with your routine. Consider doing things like: meditation; yoga; deep breathing; stretching; taking a bath; doing a face mask; reading; etc.

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