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4 M's of Mental Health

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

The “Wellness Wednesday“ topic for today is mental health. Please read below for some tips, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any additional support with this area of your health.

Anxious? Stressed? Depressed? Burned out? Worried? Low self esteem or self worth? Exhausted? Negative thoughts? The list goes on…I'm sure all of us have felt at least one of these feelings at some point or another. Nowadays, our lifestyles are so busy and run by endless to do lists and high and often unrealistic expectations. Throw a global pandemic and isolation in the mix, and that stress is amplified even more. Mental health involves our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and it has a direct impact on our physical health, and unfortunately mental health issues are rising at an expediential rate. This is why it's so important that individuals prioritize and nurture their mental health. The mission is to be healthier and happier humans, and to be the best version of ourselves, and if we are neglecting our emotional health, we are not going to be able to fully achieve this. Psychiatrist Sue Varma suggests practicing the “4 M's for mental health”, which includes: mindfulness, mastery, movement, and meaningful engagement. Below we will discuss examples of these to hopefully support you with enhancing your mental health.

The 4 M's of Mental Health:

  • Mindfulness: Being aware and present in the moment. Some examples include: deep breathing, meditation, practicing gratitude, cultivating curiosity, praying, being in nature, journaling, etc.

  • Mastery: Master or try a new skill or hobby. Some examples include: cooking a new recipe, dancing, playing a game or sport, learning something new, reading, writing, painting, gardening, playing an instrument, trying a different workout, etc.

  • Movement: Move your body. Some examples include: going on a walk, yoga, stretching, playing an active game with your family, cleaning, doing projects around the house, dancing, doing a workout, etc.

  • Meaningful Engagement: Connect with people. Some examples include: going on a date night, having dinner with your family or friends, facetiming loved one's, doing a virtual happy hour, checking in on your coworkers, saying hello to someone at the grocery store, waving and smiling to someone on your walk, doing a random act of kindness for someone, going to church, joining a support group, taking a fitness class, etc.

Wellness Wednesday Challenge:

  • Try to do at least one thing from each of the four categories today: mindfulness, mastery, movement, and meaningful engagement.

  • Journal what you did to support your mental health, and how it made you feel.

  • Challenge a friend or a family member to do the same.

  • Please feel free to comment here with any successes or challenges you faced, or message me directly for additional support.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy and healthy rest of your week!

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